It Was Fifty Years Ago Today…:The Beatles Second Album!!

Fifty years ago on Sunday was my first Communion party. It was a beautiful sunny day and all of my relatives were invited to my parents’ house to “celebrate.”

But it was a whole two months since I got my “Meet the Beatles” album and it was getting a little old and familiar. I needed some new music…like “The Beatles Second Album” that was currently being played non stop on WKNR–Keener 13.

So, when I found out that I would be receiving some money as gifts, and because I wasn’t sure how much of the “gate” I would be getting, I staged a mild hold out before the party ala The Who at Woodstock, who wanted their money upfront before they would play.

I think it took everybody by surprise because the tactic actually worked! I was given $5 to go buy it and my older brother Leonard took me to get it. I’m not even sure he knew who The Beatles were at that time. But I got that thing home and dropped the needle down on “Roll Over Beethoven” and rocked out all the way through to “She Loves You!” Then I met the relatives. It was pretty damn cool having The Beatles at my first Communion party!