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It Was Fifty Years Ago Today: Help!–The Beatles New Single!!!

I don’t remember the exact dates, because my memory may be for a weekend that took place earlier in the month.

One of my older brothers had a habit of taking me out of town when I was able to go. I had been able to read maps since I was four or five, so I wasn’t a bad traveling companion. He had a tendency to scan the AM radio dial for country stations. I, of course, when given the chance, would look for rock music.

Well, this July weekend fifty years ago, was a short trip into northern Indiana, and that meant that I could easily find the AM powerhouse station WOWO out of Fort Wayne. It was one of the better radio stations that I could pick up at night! They were playing the world premiere of The Beatles new Capitol Records single, “Help!,” from their upcoming film and album, and were pretty gracious with it, too! WOWO played it at least once an hour, along with the whispered phrase “world premiere.”

I don’t remember anything else about that weekend. It was great being able to hear that new song pretty much constantly—at least in my own mind!

I do know for a fact that today marks the Fiftieth Anniversary of the release date of the song, Help! So here it is:

“It Was 50 Years Ago Today……….”

There are so many 50 year anniversaries for The Beatles this year. Today is one of the biggest because the band’s first Capitol Records album release of Meet the Beatles occurred on January 20, 1964. Little did the world know what was to come along in just a few short weeks………………